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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by jsdelia, Oct 9, 2013.

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    I'm going to my first gun show this weekend, mostly because there is a particular pistol I'm after that I can't seem to find in stock at retail. I just assume the selection will be better at the show (if not the prices).

    I have WA DL and WAC Membership, but no CPL (didn't think I needed one, as just a home defense gun guy, until now).

    My general question for you folks is what tactics do you recommend I employ at the show when looking for my pistol of choice?

    More specifically:
    - Should I visit every single table to test availability and pricing before I buy? Time is worth more to me than money, for the most part, so I'm kind of indifferent to price differentials less than $50-$75. Is there any sort of pattern to where various vendor types set up?
    - Should I look for private sellers since I don't have a CPL? Or does that not matter?
    - Is there sales tax?
    - What paperwork or information should I insist on, if anything, as a buyer? I don't want something stolen, etc, and would prefer responsible traceability for any private party sale.
    - Anything else you wish you had known before the first time you bought a gun at a gun show?

    Thanks in advance for your help and sorry for my newbie questions!
  2. Jammer Six

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    Don't buy at WAC.
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  3. jsdelia

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    Care to elaborate please? As I mentioned, I'm considering because of the likelihood of finding what I can't find elsewhere.
  4. mjbskwim

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    You may find it easier to just 'ignore' jammer six.Works best for me

    OK if you have your WAC card you can buy guns from anyone at the show.If they are a FFL,then you will have to pick a handgun up in 5 business days from their store front/home.
    The FFls can't make any exceptions because you are a member.

    As far as pricing,look in the classifieds here and on the other local sites before you go to find what the gun is going for. You will see folks on their smart phones all day looking up pricing.
    I live 2 hours away,but I have found that there aren't many "bargains" at the WAC shows. Hasn't been for years. Russ used to sell used GP 100s for $10 less than new when they were $365.
    Now they sell used for new prices because there isn't any paper work.

    Anyway,do your homework before you go and you'll do fine. All of them guys down there think their guns have gold in them somewhere

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    So what are you trying to get anyway?
  6. deen_ad

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    Same here!

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    I go to both Monroe and Puyallup WAC shows... about every other one. have Bought a complete upper, LPks, accessories and other parts but never a pistol. I'd think with the panic "off" you could bargain a bit with the seller. As others said do your research and know what MSRP. And bargaining will be easier,Especially with cash money. Monroe prices seemed a little cheaper but also much smaller show. Good hunting!

    Brutus Out
  8. CAL30M1

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    Gun Shows are a waste of time IMHO.
  9. Misterbill

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    I've been going to gun shows for 30 years.

    If you're looking for a particular gun, the Gun-broker is your friend. Make sure you're dealing with someone with good feedback and then send the guy an email with a solid offer and ask for a written agreement that if the gun is not in the shape you wanted, that you can send it back for a nominal fee.

    The alternative (And I've been dealing with this for a while as I search for an old gun -SW41076) is to pay many $$ in gunshow fees, NOT fund your gun, or find it $199-200 more than it's worth.

    I've seen Belgian High Powers going for $1400 at gun shows that had OBVIOUSLY been re-blued.

    Gun shows might be a way to meet new people and see new stuff, or a few items (notably holsters) that you don't normally run into at your local shops. Good deals? They went away 10 years ago or more.
    In the "good old days" it was true that you could get great deals. Anymore? Not even. You'll pay more than at a pawn shop for the most part.

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