WA Senate Bill 5625 - Universal Background Check - Mark Mullet is a sponsor

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by kumabear17, Feb 13, 2013.

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    Like many of you I just received the NRA postcard informing me the my district WA State Senator, Mark Mullet, was sponsoring SB 5625 in support of a universal background check on the private sales of firearms. His phone number is 360-786-7608. I phoned and spoke to a polite young man who acknowledged they were already receiving opposition phone calls and e-mail. He believes the bill will be merged with HB 1588. He also acknowledged he was unaware that on handgun sales WA State already insists that a state form be submitted along with filling out the Fed 4473 form the retailer holds onto. He didn't really understand that retailers now charge more then $20 when firearms are shipped in from, for example, Gun Broker transactions. He also hadn't thought about the sales tax angle. In ither words this bill, like all the rest. appear to be knee-jerk reactions to the Obama push for gun control and to not let any crisis go by without taking advantage of it. Please push back!
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    Yeah they already scaled back hb1588 because of opposition and issues in it there are still issues that got brought up in the hearing like law enforcement can't actually run a background check unless initiated by a dealer hopefully they will just kill the bill instead if trying to patch it any further and hopefully it doesn't pass as is or it could kill private sales as no dealer is going to do a check for 20 bucks
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    i have a difficult time taking anybody who has "mullet" as their last name seriously.

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