WA Rep. Matt Shea Opposes HB1588 Universal Registration

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    Those of you in Washington’s 4th district appear to be fortunate to have a representative like Matt Shea. He sits on the House Judiciary Committee. I wrote him, and the other members, to object to a Washington State HB1588, Universal Background Check bill now in their committee. He agrees it’s wrong and advised me he is sponsoring HB1371, WA Firearms Freedom Act. Maybe a few more letters might keep things stirred up. Below is his full response.
    Thanks for sharing your concern about our Second Amendment rights. That's why Rep. Shea co-sponsored HB 1371, The Firearms Freedom Act, as part of the Freedom Agenda (see "Freedom Agenda WA" on Facebook).

    One major component of the Freedom Agenda is the Washington Firearms Freedom Act. This bill, if enacted, will exempt all firearms manufactured in WA State from federal regulation and deal with anticipated new federal regulations, as well. The Washington bill will even be more robust than the much touted Wyoming bill. The history of our bill in previous sessions has been to exempt firearms manufactured in Washington that stays in Washington.

    But it also, in Section 5(4) nullifies any federal law adopted after January 1, 2013 that bans or attempts registration of firearms. And finally, Section 12(4) specifically prevents any restrictions placed upon law-abiding citizens in a state of emergency. Those of us who remember the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina recall the door-to-door confiscation of firearms and the sometimes disastrous results.

    The bill number is House Bill 1371 and can be accessed on your personal computer here.

    Rep Shea is aware that there could be a slew of gun control bills coming and he is prepared to argue against them on the floor of the House. He is depending upon the informed citizenry, however, to let the body of the Legislature know how they feel about gun control and, hopefully, be available to testify at committee hearings. It was just a couple weeks ago that a Democrat legislator withdrew a gun control bill after receiving a blizzard of messages of objection from concerned citizens.

    Thank you very much for your letter and please consider receiving Rep Shea's regular updates while the Legislature is in session (see below). You can also follow Rep Shea by checking in on his legislative web site at: Shea .

    Warm regards,
    Jim Robinson
    Legislative Assistant to
    Matt Shea
    State Representative
    4th Legislative District
    (360) 786-7984
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