The PERMIT TO PURCHASE is now scheduled in the Senate (SB-5232)
Public Hearing February 2, 8am in Law & Justice
An Unconstitutional Government Permission Slip to Exercise Your Fundamental Civil Right.

Requires a government permit before you can purchase ANY firearm. Includes training, proficiency tests, expensive classes, additional waiting periods at purchase, waiting for permit approval, fingerprinting, additional background checks, creates a registry of gun owners, eliminates out of state buyers, adds more waiting periods.
*There is no permitting system set up or funded.
*Oregon's BM114 Permit to Purchase is already wrapped up in FIVE separate lawsuits.
*Washington is rushing headlong into expensive court battles with a weak argument that fails Bruen's requirement of tradition of permit, as informed by text and tradition.
*When you purchase a firearm, you STILL go through the normal background check and delays!

These links sign you in DIRECTLY to the committee, so you voice will be counted! Most links/emails skip this part, this is important.

Sign directly into the hearing and leave your "CON" position

or send your written testimony to the committee

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