I'm not familiar with any of that. A quick google says that's an AR-10.

Which led me to this statement

I also just read that it shoots 1000ft not just 500ft like .556

Is any of that true?
Not really. There are AR 10 (Armalite) pattern or DPMS pattern .308 (or other cartridge) ARs. DPMS/LR .308 is far more common.

And I assume you meant YDS or meters.
The RIA VR80 is a fun shotgun. Same shop I frequent only has about 7 of them left in stock for their special which is a blue one for 650 that comes with 2 19rd mags along with its standard 2 5rd mags...

For higher capacity mags, they also got in 30+ 33rd glock mags, about a dozen drum mags between glock, carbine, and 556 drums...

Lots of people drive down from Washington for mags, lol...

If you want to get something from them, reserve something for yourself, you can call Lincoln City Sporting Goods, ask for Bruce or Jared, they can grab what your looking for, put your name on it. And put it aside for pickup, even ammo. I do it a good bit...
I haven't read the law but are guns with internal magazines greater than 10 allowed? Example, a 22lr lever gun. If they aren't, I'd look at picking up some of those options. If those are still allowed, I'd focus on more universal multi-platform magazines. There are a lot of platforms that take AR or Glock mags for example, and I'd be buying those with a ban on the horizon. It's a terrible and asinine situation to have to face.
My understanding is:
"The prohibition does not include ammunition feeding devices altered not to hold more than ten rounds, a .22-caliber tube ammunition feeding device, or a tubular magazine within a lever-action firearm."


Anyone know more about this lawsuit? and if it will actually make a difference since the law is so close to being enacted? All I’ve heard are radio snippets.

Thank you for all the great suggestions.

Made a decision. Placed two orders. Went with .308 I'd never heard of it and a PCC, that takes glock mags.

Almost got the Ruger, was too similar looking to the scorpion I already put all the HB Industries parts on. I would have been better off buying the Ruger not the Scorpion in the first place. Once I factor in all the magazines, grip, handguard, etc...

Went with...

DPMS ORACLE in .308​


Freedom Ordinance FX-9 w/4.5 inch barrel


For the Fx-9 I ordered a flat, square light with a laser that I'll mount on the top rail.

On the DPMS I'm going to wait, be patient, ask questions and get the right scope the first time around. I did order plenty of ar-10 magazines.

I don't know anything about them and currently have a truglo tru brite 30 series on an andro AR.


I just saw this reply to the other poster who asked you a question.

I would buy MORE ammunition if you were not an older person especially a senior citizen with no children.

I would own LESS guns and have more FACTORY RF and CF ammunition on hand.

Shotguns and ammo for them if you are INTO shotguns.

Plus have ammo that could be shared with a single action revolver, a double action revolver and/or a lever action rifle. Plus buy a couple of old fashioned BOLT action rifles with iron sights.

I bought 15 or so firearms from the late 90's to the end of 2001 back east. I saved up, bought a firearm, wash, rinse and repeat. (Former firearms of mine now and mainly in HANDGUNS.)

I had EXTRA ammunition on hand but much more in RF than CF ammo back east. Not as much as I PREVIOUSLY owned out here in MT though for a TIME FRAME - several years.

I never bought or owned a shotgun but I did think about it in the past on and off.

Best wishes to you.

Last Edited:
mag ban update.

Didn't know there were different types of ar-10 magazines. Starting to get them and some are different. Once I have the rifle and confirm they are the wrong style will need to find the gun they go to and buy one.

Hexmag Series 2 AR-10, SR25, .308/7.62X51 20-Round Polymer Magazine

Magpul PMAG GEN M3 AR10 .308/7.62NATO 25 Round Window Magazine

Ordered a Sar K12 with (2) 17rd mags on 6/20 from gunsdotcom. this morning 6/23 still said pending so I called. automated verification issue with ffl put the order on hold. Rep cleared it up however last day to send guns to WA was, 6/20. They do not have a compliant version to send instead. They were unwilling to take the mags out and just send the gun. Told them to send it. If FFL sends it back because of the mags I have to pay shipping and 15% restock fee. Hope it gets there by Thursday 6/30. Would have canceled but already ordered magazines and holster.

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