WA Legislative Session Halfway Done

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    Looks like this Legislative session is halfway over. I have read various news articles that the gun grabbing attempts appear to be stalled, as of today. That doesn't mean we should let our guard down. I'm also near positive we will have the same fight on our hands next session.

    Keep the pressure up ! please.

    From an article today : " It ( HB1588 ) and other gun-control bills moving through the House are likely to have a difficult journey in the Senate, however, where two Democrats – Sens. Rodney Tom (D-48th D-strict, Medina) and Tim Sheldon (D-35th District, Potlatch) – have joined Senate Republicans to form a de facto Republican majority. "

    One development we should pay particular attention to is the new group, Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility.


    Some info : Editorial: Another voice for gun safety | Editorials | The Seattle Times

    I'm sure soon enough we will all be familiar with this group.
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    Wait for the last 10 minutes of the session for the Bills to be passed

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