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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by CasualShooter, Jun 27, 2012.

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    Went down to the local PD station today to apply for my Concealed Pistol License. Wednesdays, 12 - 4 is the only time fingerprints are done. Filled out the app, paid my $52.50 and had a seat to wait for fingerprinting. Just about the time I'm grumbling to myself that this is taking more time than it should (I have a very low "wait" threshold) a very large LEO came out and escorted me to the back.

    He was very good about explaining everything he was doing as he did it. After the prints were done (they don't use ink anymore) He gave me a very comprehensive talk about the importance of recording the serial numbers of my gun(s) in case they were ever stolen and everything else I own of any value.

    We discussed the non-requirement to declare your CPL in a traffic stop and he expounded on how it could go a couple different ways depending on the officers frame of mind and the totality of the situation.

    So after the chat he tells me that he was able to run my background check while I was sitting in the lobby waiting to be finger-printed. I walked out the door with my CPL!

    All in all, a very positive experience. My confidence in our local PD is definately reinforced.
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    I wish I had had someone with the time and knowledge to talk about some of those things when I applied, let alone walking out with it!?

    I was printed and handed a pamphlet and told it would be in the mail. Thankfully mine was in my hand 10days later..
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    Glad you had a good experience getting yours. When I applied, the paperwork process wasn't long or arduous but it took a whopping 3 phone calls and 38 days before I received mine in the mail.
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    It's much better now than some 25+ years ago when I got mine. Took months and then when it did come in the officer held it out, then took it back and said "If it wasn't the law I wouldn't give any of these out". He then did give it to me.
    My how things have changed!!
    My father also had a CPL years before I got mine, but he was a tax collector for the state and some loggers didn't like them very well!
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    I dont know the dates however because of his age I will assume in the 1950's. I am going out on a limb to guess CPL's were not around at this time.

    Anyways my grandfather was deputized because people where complaining that he had a pistol on him all the time. Before we had search and rescue (my dad is the current president and near 30 year member) my grandfather would use his snow mobiles to help the county sheriffs find people in the winter. So because of that relationship and complaints the sheriff just deputized him.

    He still has the badge and pictures from the swearing in ceremony however he was not ever an official employee.

    My how times have changed...

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