WA 2016 schedule questions.

Discussion in 'Project Appleseed' started by powersbj, Feb 22, 2016.

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    No Plantation or Whidbey Is. this year?
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    My club sponsor at CWSA wasn't able to commit this year. I reached out to the board and they said they were going to discuss it at the next meeting (that was end of Dec). I've sent a follow up e-mail but haven't heard back. I'm going to try again on my way to Custer on the 5th.

    We have 4 events on the schedule this year for Custer but I wasn't aware we had been in Plantation before. I'm happy to reach out to them if you have a contact for me.

    I am trying to work with Marty @ Seattle Firearms Academy for an August shoot but he has been too busy to formalize our event.

    I'd love to get into Tacoma Sportsman's Club or another Seattle metro range - any leads would be greatly appreciated.

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