WTS OR vz52 she/aym 7.62x45 complete with ammo

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    010.JPG 025.JPG 008.JPG 009.JPG 011.JPG This is a vz 52 Czechoslovakian semi auto detachable magazine 7.62x45 cal rifle. These are getting harder to find these days. This one is a 1956 AYM. Nowhere near as common as the SHE models which from what I read is just where they were made, the plant. It features a cool side folding/ locking bayonet and 10 rd detachable magazine. This one was showing some ware on the bluing so I had the barrel and receiver black nickel plated. Its more of a gray nickel look to me. Has a shiny bore and is in overall great condition. A lot of these were painted with this black textured paint from the importer, which looks great on the stock. Not so great on upper hand guard. It was flaking off in some spots because paint doesn't stick as well to metal. I cleaned it all off of hand guard and repainted it. I'm including 10 rds. of 7.62x45 ammo on stripper clips.
    I am 20 mins from Salem and 20 mins from Portland at the Aurora Donald exit off I-5 and only 3 mins from freeway. I can meet you right off I-5 if you want to come look at it.
    If you have any Questions my cell is 503-781-1807 texting is fastest way or call
    I also have some other adds up also , if you want to take a look
    399.00 OBO
    I can ship to an FFL also :cool:
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