WTS WA Vz-58 (Vz-2008) magazines

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    I used to have a Vz-58 a few years ago .I had to sell it due to supporting a move, so now I have some magazines to part with.

    I have 4 Vz-58 (also fit a Vz-2008) 30 round magazines. All 4 are Czechpoint magazines (not refinished), purchased back in 2008-9. They have the "US" follower, which counts as 1 part per 922r. I can part them out, or ship all 4 to one individual. I'm looking for $15 each, or $50 for all 4 (if you take all 4). I will include a magazine pouch (Czech, of course) if all 4 are purchased, at no additional charge.

    I can ship, but you must pay shipping, and they must be legal where you live. I will add the cost of shipping to the total, if required. You can also pick up in the Everett, WA area.
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    I'll take them. Conv. started.

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