Vulnerable Pro-Gun Republicans being targeted with gun control ads

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    This article does not say who is financing these ads, but the coming election is definitely being used to put pressure on vulnerable Republicans who are pro-Gun to give in and support current gun control bills in the US Congress:

    Gun control advocates stated that they are sick and tired of playing "nice" with those who support gun rights. The Gabby Giffords led group "Americans for Responsible Solutions" is putting the ads on the air. Does anyone know where she is getting all of her money from?

    This year's election campaign may become the dirtiest in American history.

    Gun control backers are really, really sick of playing nice (

    The article below also states that other gun control groups are targeting pro-gun members of Congress, in the hope of getting them removed from office in November. Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety is among the two groups mentioned, so it seems that Bloomberg may get out his checkbook for this election cycle too.

    Gun-control advocates turn focus to November (

    This article below explains how all the politicking currently going on in the Senate the past two weeks is disingenuous. If the Democrats cannot get their bills past, then they feel it is better for their chances in the November election for no bills to pass, not even responsible compromises. That is why they voted down the Republican proposals.

    Democrats Tanked Gun Control To Up Their Election Chances (

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