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Vortex Optics anyone not impressed or happy

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by williamcjones1988, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. williamcjones1988

    williamcjones1988 Portland, OR Member

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    So I just picked up a new Vortex Strike Fire for my AR and I have to say I'm really impressed can't wait to take it out an put some rounds down range
  2. Skang

    Skang WA Well-Known Member

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    My friend bought his few months back. I'd say pretty good for the price.

    You can find many reviews on YouTube.
  3. Fat Jesus

    Fat Jesus Oregon Member

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    I have 2 of their Vortex Viper HS scopes. 1 is a Long Range model. Couldn't be happier with them.
  4. imandrew18

    imandrew18 Salem, Oregon Active Member

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    I have had one for about two years and it is still going stong;-)
  5. Spitpatch

    Spitpatch Forest Grove, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    I will defer to those who own the Vortex scopes. I do not. I see them offered frequently at the gunshows by what seems to be "bedroom businesses". No detriment there: I envy those intrepids. I also see them (favorably in almost all cases) creeping into some of the more "revered" publications, such as Rifle and Handloader. I hear rumors that the warranty challenges Leupold (my bedrock). I hold experience of enlightenment with the Sightron brand that literally knocks my socks off (when I was initially very skeptical). I also know (from close and intimate association) that Leupold and other historical stalwarts and stantions of the firearms optics field are VERY concious of encroachments by seemingly young challengers that cannot be ignored for intergrity and innovation.

    My advice to anyone considering a Vortex (or a Sightron) optic for their fine firearm is to question the warranty brutally. Compare it with the Leupold Warranty (no questions asked, no matter where you got it). Then make your decision based on a purchase that you intend to be completely satisfied with for your entire life, no matter what. Then consider price difference toward a lifetime investment. (For me, I think it calculates into about 3-4 half-racks of beer, and so I keep buying Leupolds.)

    On the other hand, if your gun is NOT a lifetime commitment, and you DON'T expect it to function flawlessly forever with no concerns, you could save a helluva lot of money going with something even cheaper than a Vortex.
  6. Benny503

    Benny503 Grants Pass Well-Known Member

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    I have a Vortex and it is suck....well it good on my 10/22 but not to any larger calibers due to the eyes relieve is too closed. My eye have to be very closed to the scope in order to see all around the ring. If I put this on bigger riffle and shoot it I may have a black eye! This just my opinion on vortex scope.
  7. mm509

    mm509 Naches, Wa New Member

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    I have used numerous Vortex products, and they are a quality product. I had one of the Strike Fire models like the OP is mentioning, and it performed as well as expected anytime I turned it on. Like Spitpatch mentions...this product was not a "fight for life" platform, if it was it would wear an Aimpoint or the likes. But for banging steel, it performed extremely well.

    The Vortex warranty is exactly like Leupold...maybe better. No, it is better. I purchased a new model Vortex spotting scope when it first came out. The Ocular lens cap, didn't really fit quite like I expected it to, so I called Vortex customer service, and spoke with a friendly lady. The next dayt there was a package in my mailbox with an upgraded free of charge lens cap. When I purchased a Vortex Razor 5-20HD, they got some complaints about the eye box being unforgiving. They redesigned the ocular assembly, and were retrofitting them free of charge. I never took them up on that offer, as I didn't see what the problem was.

    Let me fast forward to my experience with Leupold c.s. It has always been excellent, and please do not take me wrong, I am not trying to sling mud here. I purchased one of the new 34mm Mark 4 scopes (part #68140), which carries a retail price of nearly $4000. The g-damn objective flip cover keeps breaking (no I am not a retard, I have used Butler Creek caps for a long time), so I email Leupold to see WTF is going on! I got a response immediately the next day telling me to call them. I call, I speak with another friendly person who assures me that they have engineers looking into this, since I am not the first person to call with this problem. We end the conversation with me giving him my address and him telling me they will get a couple of them shipped out to me immediately. Well that was nearly a week ago, and I have yet to recieve anything. I know how long it takes for any common courier service to deliver to my ao from Leupold in Oregon (2 days max), as this is not the first time I have had to deal with them.

    The Vortex spotter I mention in the beginning of this post cost $300, and I got immediate service! The $4000 scope I got from Leupold, I have yet to recieve service a week later.

    Buy Vortex and be assured they will take care of you, regardless of what, when, why and/or how you damaged their product, they will take care of you. By the way, I shot with Scott from Vortex at the Findlay Cup in Wenatchee, WA a couple weeks ago. He is a stand up guy, extremely friendly, and a hell of a shot to.......Congrats to him for his 1st place finish, beating the other 54 shooters there. He was using a Vortex Razor scope also, so they must work.

  8. mm509

    mm509 Naches, Wa New Member

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    i just wanted to update my previous post. I did recieve my lens caps from Leupold today.
  9. jake2far

    jake2far Portland Active Member

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    As a point of reference, are you a Ford, Chevy, or Dodge person? If you buy and like the Vortex product then you say good things, if you buy and like Aimpoint, Leupold, or any other brand than they are for you.
    I own 4 Vortex products, have them on .223, .308 rifles, and they work. I have had 1 problem with a Vortex Sparc, the mounting screw hole was not in the right place, I called, a new one was sent with an RA and shipping label. First class warranty. Mine are on life and death weapons. I tried to destroy one. Put it on a 50 cal. 308, threw it down range at least 40 times, drove over it on a gravel road F250 crewcab diesel, froze it at 0' F for a week, put it in boiling water. It still worked fine. Now for the best part I called and told them I was disappointed in the finish, it was worse for wear, they sent me a new one. I dare you to beat up a Leupold by driving over it, throwing down range, and abuse beyond belief and try and warranty it.
    I like them, if you don't, don't buy it.
    I have several Aimpoints, and a Trijicon, I have them in my safe as they cost to much, I use my $179.00 Vortex Sparc as my range and training sight. SHTF I will take my Vortex.

    2 pennies, mine.