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Been eyeing one of these for awhile and decided to give it a go. I have seen lots of mixed reviews on accuracy and have multiple barrels to play with since it's 10/22 platform. I was reading the aluminum reciver did not feel as tight compared to the stainless, seemed stainless was the way to go. Hopefully I can get it to shoot on the side of accuracy and not the other reports I have read.

Parts list.

Volquartsen SS summit reciver.
Kidd 20in SS match barrel.
Kidd single stage 1.5 trigger group.
MDT Oryx chassis.

1000010029.jpg 1000010014.jpg 1000009922.jpg
It's seems really smooth, probably will get better over time I would imagine. Midwest gun works was the best price I could find. It was definitely not cheap so it took awhile to decide to make a purchase. We will see how it does hoping it's equal or better then the 10/22 build I have going. The unknown of 114 pushed it along faster
Got out to the range today and got to test some ammo. Did really well at 50yards, then the sun came up in the grass field. The rain yesterday and wet grass caused way too much heat wave in the scope. I was able to get a few decent groups. These are the best out of the bunch.

I will definitely have to re-shim the barrel as the bolt broke in a little bit and the head spacing is a little lose.

1000010104.jpg 1000010111.png 1000010113.jpg 1000010114.jpg 1000010115.jpg

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