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These are not your Amazon or Ebay Chinese lights, these are high end, last a lifetime lights.

Diode Dynamics Stage Series 30" combo beam lightbar, new in box - $440 on their site, $350 SOLD

Vision X Explorer Prime Xtreme 40* lights (pair of 2), new in box - $659 EACH on their site, $1000 $750 $600 for the pair - less than the price of one retail!

Whelen Ions, white, these make excellent back up or load lights. $65ea. SOLD

I am open to trades.

I also have another set of the Vision Xs, not sure I want to let them go, but if you need 4 for a project, I might.

BAB08E17-0072-48C6-8B4A-8D525FA55DD9.jpeg 8C0E620E-CD8C-4353-B68B-BB3F574FC99C.jpeg 1DE1AD1F-E004-48A2-916C-B160C534800B.jpeg B6A0C6F7-4A4E-45A0-9ECC-F537406D4369.jpeg F74D4713-D0C5-4254-BAD9-1A8779ADA757.jpeg 931A586C-5878-4921-8D6C-028BEFCDB9C7.jpeg 76058D9B-E639-4B4F-B096-D58F1708C219.jpeg
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