Virtual Vietnam wall memorial.

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    I'm not old enough to really know anyone that lost their life in the Vietnam war, but I knkw some of you were there and may have lost friends/family there.
    My Stepdad who is a Vietnam Vet passed this on to me and figured maybe some of you could appreciate it.

    You can click on the state and it will pull up all the names from that states broke down by cities.

    Names of Vietnam War casualties by city and state

    God Bless our Troops!

    Thank you !
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    Great link. I had the privilege several years ago (and once more since) of being in DC on Memorial Day. After visiting Iwo Jima (my hotel was just across the Potomac in Arlington) I went to the Mall to pay my respects. Rolling Thunder was in full force on I think their first DC gathering based on the reactions they were getting from people.

    The Vietnam memorial is a must and needs to be on everyone's bucket list. The way it is designed you feel like you entering a tunnel as you approach. It's kind of hard to describe, maybe due to the emotional aspects. To say that it made an impression is an understatement. Their is always a POW/MIA area heavily populated then by VN vets, and I'm sure in recent years by Iraq/Afghan vets.

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