Virginia Governor attends "gun control" rally with armed guard

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    Gov. Terry McAuliffe Brings Armed Guard To Gun Control Rally....................Friggin' hypocrite !!
    On September 10 Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) attended the #WhateverItTakes gun control rally with an armed guard by his side.
    McAuliffe was at the rally to push for more background checks in the wake of the murder of Virginia reporter Alison Parker, who was killed by a gunman who passed a background check for his weapon.

    According to Townhall, when McAuliffe showed up at the rally he “brought his armed body guard with him.” He tried to diminish the irony of bringing an armed guard to a rally focused on limiting access to guns by suggesting anyone at the rally could have lawfully carried a gun if they passed a background check.

    This is a theoretical answer that ignores the demonstrable fact that the DC City Council has all but crushed the possibility of law-abiding citizens carrying guns for self-defense in the district. Moreover, the council’s path to doing this included some of the very kinds of laws and ordinances that gun controllers like McAuliffe pushed in their own states.

    Townhall also pointed out that McAuliffe is not the only gun control advocate who wants to retain the use of guns for his benefit while making them more difficult for law-abiding citizens to acquire for themselves.

    On April 27, 2014 Breitbart News reported that Everytown for Gun Safety spokesperson Erika Soto Lamb took to Twitter to defend the fact that her group’s leadership uses armed guards. Her line of argument was simple, albeit contrary to the direction Everytown takes when pushing for controls that make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves. Lamb tweeted, “We r not anti-gun. Why do u criticize our security? Same u want 4 self.”
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    It's important for our betters to feel safe at the expense of the law abiding. Lets make it harder for people to get tools to defend themselves so they can get stabbed in their driveway waiting on a gun permit.
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    Gun Control is for the little people.

    I am sure the hypocrisy is lost on him...
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