Violent crime is down.

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    Violent crime is at generational lows, and still declining. Homicide is down 70% in twenty years!

    It makes it harder to do gun-control statistics since crime is down everywhere, but it looks like the states with shall-issue CHL laws are experiencing the fastest decline in crime.

    There are many theories out there - I think a lot of it is simply due to the aging of the population, since most violent criminals are young, unmarried males. There's also Roe v. Wade to consider, because the decline in crime began 19 years after abortion-on-demand became legal. Then there's the mass incarceration of Americans, which has almost tripled in the past thirty years.
    I think it's stupid to lock up so many recreational drug users, but in the process a lot of really bad people probably get swept up too.

    It's too complex an issue to point to a single cause, but the fact remains that the USA is far, far safer than it's been for a long, long time.
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