Vintage M17 and MCU-2A/P Gas masks w/ cases ***No new filters***

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    I thought that I would post in here to see if there is any interest. I have around 5 M17 US Military gas masks which are probably 1970's-1980's vintage. They are all in excellant shape and include the green canvas case. I have a few of the smaller water tight plastic boxes that go in the side pockets of the cases too and instructions. They all have old filters in them, but I do not have any new/sealed filters. These would be more of a collectors of novelty item in my opinion.

    I also have a couple of the MCU-2A/P Gas Masks that were adopted in the early 1990's. I don't have any filters for these but I know that they are still available and these are probably useable masks today. They are in great shape also and include the green canvas case.

    I think all the sizes are medium and large. I am thinking $25.00 shipped each and I would be willing to combine shipping if you are interested in multiple. If there is any interest then I will post pictures.

    Thanks for looking.

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