Vintage carburetor repair and tuning kit with Snap On tools

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    Vintage Carter Carburetor tuning kit. Features dozens of Carter, Borroughs and Snap On tools. If you don't know what this is for, you probably don't need it!:laugh: If you do work on carburetors then you know these are must have tools for the serious hot rodder and performance tuner.

    Too many tools to list but easily half of them are Snap On. Holley float gauge, accelerator pump depth micrometer, shaft bushing tools, seat wrenches, linkage bending tools, jet orifice cleaners, jigs and holders. Comes in cool old metal case, too.

    $75. FTF Eugene area or will ship if you pay the ride. Would also be interested in using as trade credit on a .38 snubby.

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