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    What is the law on this in oregon? I tried finding it but didnt really understand. Is it a one way street or do you have to inform the other party and or cop?
    I watch those videos from mark guardian and i am wondering if he legally has to tell the cop?
    P.s he really isnt a good example at times, he will whine or choke under pressure. But i also applaud him at times as well.
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    Offtopic, but here is a discussion on this, and part of ORS 165.540. It appears legal provided you're a participant in the conversation. If you're not a participant, you cannot record a private conversation surreptitiously. However, a handheld camera or microphone pointed in someone's face in public is obvious and seems quite legal.

    Section 1983 Claims and the Right to Record the Police : Newsroom Law Blog

    Can I tape record a conversation without someone knowing it? | Oregon Legal Research Blog

    Here in Portland police are explicitly instructed that filming them is legal under Oregon law.

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