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VERY old derringer - Several pic links

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by bbowl, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. bbowl

    bbowl Beaverton OR Active Member

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    Ok. I do not know much about this and am not going to pretend to!

    From what I have gathered and what others have said is it is a 1850s .36 caliber. I haven't got it identified, if someone knows what it is please tell me.

    It is in what I consider to be excellent condition for its age.


    "11" and "11" on top of each other right in front of trigger guard
    An indented square on right side of butt/grip
    A stamping that appears to be a "E" on top, two ferns? crossed with a "S" on the left and an "R" on the right.
    A sideways "8" possibly an infinity symbol on the left side of the barrel

    Gun appears to be complete. Shows signs of work. The screw heads are a little mangled and the screw that holds on the main spring from underneath behind the trigger has its head pretty much worn down.

    The hammer and trigger function. It clicks/locks back 2 stages and releases just fine. The nipple i think they are called that the hammer hits its bad. It unscrews though so I imagine in can be replaced.

    With the nipple thing replaced I believe it is fireable. I would shoot it, seems solid.

    I am asking $200 and am open to trades with cash on either side depending on what it is. I dont have anything set in mind so feel free to PM me whatever you have up for trade, something may spark interest.

    ALSO I can ship this anywhere, no FFL needed. If I am wrong please correct me, thank you!

  2. bbowl

    bbowl Beaverton OR Active Member

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    Any help ID-ing this would Also be greatly appreciated. Probably
    Easier to sell if we know what it is!! thanks!

    (Was told it is belgium made)