Verry good to see not all dealers are bad

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Medic!, Jan 23, 2013.

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    I'll try to keep this short. Placed an order for two Deawoo parts. One part turned out to be out of stock. Called on Sunday to talk about my options. I could not beleive I was able to talk with what I think was the store owner on his day off! I said I would think about keeping my order active, and see if the part came in. I was told politely a refund for my $90 part was fine. The next day I sent an e-mail asking to cancil the back-ordered part. I said they could keep $5-$10 bucks for the hastle of a partial cancel of my order. I did keep a $60 part coming.
    Two days later I was at my front door with a postal person sighning for a letter. sent me a $100 bill! Wow. Just Wow. Talk about making things right. Not sure if they made any money on my order. But They did not need to do what they did. I told them it was O.K. to keep a restock fee. So as far as I was concerned they owed me $80.
    All I can think to do to pay them back, is to say something good about them. That, and use them again. Looks like not all dealers are bad. Some are above and beyond what you would hope.

    Below is a picture of what my thumbhole stock DR-200 looks like now. New stock,adapter,folding adapter piece and pistol grip. I did need to put in a US triger kit to get my 922 parts count up. But thats O.K.. I used a RRA two stage trigger as the deawoo uses AR triger parts. I now have a nice compact piston driven rifle with adjustible gas system. I am most impressed with the chrome plating in the barrel and on the piston. The Korean's know how to lay down the chrome.
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    Good to hear customer service reports that are so positive.

    My LGS has (or had) one of those EBR's a couple weeks ago.

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