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    Is it possible to put a subsection on the main page outside of the forums that updates members of current specials from the supporting vendors? I'm thinking less of the big box stores and more of the mom-and-pop shops that have their own subforums.

    For example, if NWAmmo has a deal on 5.56 cases, it would display with "Deal of the week: ammo...." or if Sully is clearancing S&W's, it could be posted with an "effective end date" or "until gone."

    Some times I forget to scroll down far enough to check out the vendors, or their offer threads get buried and more people don't get the opportunity to take advantage/patronize the businesses. I'd like to see an option - if possible - to bring these folks more to light. I found my sole long gun supplier through this site and have bought items from other vendors because the deals were good and they support the ongoing maintenance of this site.
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    Sounds like a good idea!

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