WTS OR Veggie Tales/321 Penguins DVDs--Great for the Kids

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    I have the following Veggie Tales and 321 Penguins DVDs for sale. Your kids will love them.

    $4.00 each, or all 8 for $25. Will ship, buyer pays shipping.

    They are:

    Veggie Tales: Lord of the Beans
    Veggie Tales: Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush
    Larryboy Cartoon Adventures: The Angry Eyebrows
    Larryboy Cartoon Adventures: Leggo My Ego
    321 Penguins: Trouble On Planet Wait-Your-Turn
    321 Penguins The Cheating Scales Of Bullmanka
    321 Penguins The Amazing Carnival Of Complaining
    321 Penguins runaway Pride At Lightstation Kilowatt
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