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    -leupold M8-2X extended E.R. handgun scope
    comes with a mount for a desert eagle
    $150 or trade for a mauser or something similar

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    -mag for a remington model 597

    -new Arsenal AK47 gas piston

    -older set of RCBS .300win dies
    $15 or trade for a set of .30-30 dies

    -UDAP bear spray, 9.2 ounces
    bought it a few years ago in AK, and never got the chance to spray a bear
    has a holster thingie too, so you can carry it around and look like a moron

    -choke removal wrench thingie and a plug thingie for a remington 870 3.5" 12ga

    -daisy powerline model 15XT .177cal Co2 BB pistol
    comes with 5 Co2 cartridges and almost 1500 BBs
    I bought it last year when I was in CA since real pistols are basically illegal, because I figured that even a BB gun was better for warding off the swarms of drug addicts and illegal aliens than my little fists are.
    like new (still has a little bit of the first and only Co2 left that I put in it last year)

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    -new bianchi pistol holster (will fit a glock 17)

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    no shipping
    FTF near Roseburg only
    other things I'll trade for:
    -once fired brass for .44mag, .500S&Wmag, .308, .223, .303british, 8mm mauser, .38spl, .357, 7.5 MAS, 8x56R
    -jacketed bullets for .44mag, .38/357
    -150gr .308 bullets
    -cheap holster for a 6" S&W model 10
    -unopened gun powder (varget, lil gun, H110/WIN296)
    -steyr 95 bayonet
    -other equally awesome stuff
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