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    I have 2lb of Varget id like to trade for win 760 or sell for $25 a pound. Bought it at Oles a month ago for $27.95 a pound. I was told it shoots just like 760, but it doesnt.

    stuff I found while cleaning out the reloading room
    30/06 mixed commercial headstamp 50 primed cases-$10
    30/06 mixed commercial headstamp 110-120 cases, most sized/deprimed-$25
    762x39 brass cases, 75 about half commercial -$5
    357 mag 390 sized and PRIMED cases, mixed headstamp $50
    357 mag 300-350? mixed headstamp, many sized and deprimed $20
    223 1000 mixed headstamp speer, pmc etc $60
    338 win mag 2 20 round boxes of new unprimed win brass $20 for both

    cci small rifle magnum 1 brick $35

    17 remington lyman dies $20

    prices or best reasonable offer
    trade for H-335, win 760 powders, .243 bullets, 338 bullets
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