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either 753 or 853 M888, about $150 if in great condition. they're still sold new (~$300), i picked up a couple this year.
For a good value estimate I do the following... look up the item on eBay. Then you can click on "filter". Scroll down to "show more" which expands the drop down menu. Select "completed items". You will now see what your same model air rifles BOTH DID and DID NOT sell for. I match up my airguns condition to airguns in similar shape. I then look for the average trending price in the ones that did sell. I avoid the ones that sold much higher or lower than the average selling price range. As far as I know this area doesn't actually give you a trend selling price, you haft to determine the ballpark average on your own. I hope this helps. Don't be afraid to list them on here, maybe we can do business together.


Greg Paarman

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