Utility trailer for a bolt action rifle

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    I am looking to trade my trailer for a bolt action hunting rifle for my 12 yr old son's first hunting season. The trailer is the foldable kind if you like but I haven't. Cargo capacity is 1,450 but only weighs 266 itself so very easy to move around. Trailer has larger 12" wheels and tires, 1 7/8" ball requirement, lights all work great and it pulls and tracks wonderfully behind, car, truck or suv. Darn thing took me 8hrs to put together...lol
    Value it at $300 with trailer itself, wood and tiny bit labor..lol. Looking for cash or trade preferably.
    I am mainly interested in a .243, .264, .270 but would not rule out a 30.30 or 30.06. Jeff

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