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    I still see a lot of sour attitudes towards UTG gear but every time I see something made by them, I generally like it. I'm quite impressed with the quad rail on my AK and from what I've seen, their apparel and web gear is impressive for the price.

    Maybe you guys have a different opinion. Maybe I'll learn something from this. What do you think about UTG?
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    It is decent inexpensive gear.

    It comes down to what you plan on doing with it. Like many products if you compare ones like these to true high quality pieces you can see the difference.

    For the most part for the average user the UTG type stuff is plenty durable and works for what they do. If you need a piece that will hold up to the test of time and abuse looking at the better brands are they way to go.
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    I don't think I would buy any of their hardware. I just don't think I could rely on it. Maybe its better than it was when they first hit the market, but I have never been impressed with their rails and such. Design, construction and looks wise, there are better options for not a lot more $$$.

    That said, I do have a couple UTG AR mag pouches and they are ok. Definitely good quality given the price. I had a vest of theirs and it sucked for me, but I am a hard fit being tall and skinny. I don't know where everyone got the idea that the taller you get the fatter you are. Anyway, I would consider their web gear to be entry level and still don't trust it to hold up in the long run or to lots of abuse. Definitely wouldn't trust my life on it. But for use at Practical rifle use or just screwing around, its just fine. I would say this, its good gear for the money so that you can use it to establish what works for you and then upgrade later with out being out $25-30/pouch. For my web gear I am becoming a big fan of buying stuff made in the US. That way if you have an issue you know they have you covered. Or if you need or want something modified or fixed, places like tactical tailor or shaddox tactical or whatever, they can usually get it done for you. You pay more up front, but having stuff made well is really nice. UTG is made in china and the more I think about it the less I like my dollars going over seas. That, I think, is going to be one of the biggest arguments against them and why a lot of people don't like their stuff.
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    It is airsoft stuff. Some of it works OK, some of it is complete junk. For plinker or a .22 gun, it's probably OK. Not for any kind of serious guns or work.
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    I have a UTG red dot,Leapers,on my 44 mag pistol.I like it.It has held up to very "hot"shooting.Would I bet my life on one?No,but I am not in the military or LE,so it works just fine for the price.
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    My UTG brass catcher for my AR works like a champ

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