USPSA at Renton Fish & Game every 4th Sunday

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    Hey gang, I run USPSA matches in Renton, at Renton Fish & Game ( )

    Our first USPSA match of the year is February 22nd. And we will host events every 4th Sunday of every month, except November, December and January.

    9am - Registration
    10am - Match starts

    Fee is: $20

    We welcome new shooters, all you need to do is pass a general safety check. It's generally an hour long at the range, and in the end we cover all the basics of USPSA from scoring, rules and equipment. In the end we will administer a basic gun handling proficiency test. At which point you will be given your Safety card, and will be allowed to compete at any of the 6 Clubs around the Puget Sound area that hosts USPSA events every weekend (some cases, twice a weekend)

    Please feel free to contact me about any questions.

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