USP Compact Stainless in .40 s&w

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    Like the title says, it is a stainless USP Compact 40 cal. In overall great condition, but I am not the original owner, so round count is unknown, less than 100 through it by me. DA/SA with safety/decocking lever. Two 10 rnd mags included. Comes with an HK USP box and manual that came with it when I purchased it, though I suspect they may not be the original, as the box seems designed for a full size USP. Ammo, both defense and plinking, is available, but not included.

    Would strongly prefer to TRADE, but will put a $700 cash price on it as well.

    Trade interests include:

    -LEFT HANDED bolt rifles in 300 win mag, 7mm rem mag, or .308 win
    -Unmodified Saiga 12
    -Mossberg 930spx
    -300 AAC upper
    -Dillon 550
    -??? Try me, but don't be offended if I say no thanks.

    FTF In Vancouver with proof of WA residency, CPL, and bill of sale. I will consider an out of state FFL only after local interest has passed.

    More pictures available in a few days.

    ...sorry for pic quality, not a lot of options working from my ipad...

    I travel extensively for work, please be patient for responses, I will check as often as I can.

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