USGI ball ammo in bandoliers

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    I have some TW68 USGI ball ammo that is in stripper clips, and bandoliers, just as originally packaged for the military. It is new manufacture, and was stored properly so it doesn't have any verdigris, goobers, or other ugliness on it. The ammo looks like it was recently manufactured. Anyone seriously interested is welcome to test fire some before purchase, and I'll provide the test ammo.

    I'm selling 540 rounds, 420 rounds in one ammo can, plus two more 60 round bandoliers for $350.00, or about .64 cents per round. I'm near Tacoma, so I can meet you for pickup, or you pay shipping.


    IF anyone can come up with a published price any cheaper for similar ammo packed this way, I'll beat that price per round by 10% so I can get the $350 I need for the trade. In other words, I'll put in enough ammo so that your $350 to me will net you 10% more ammo.

    THIS IS 7.62X51 Ball..

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