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Hi Guys,

I'm THINKING ABOUT selling my full-size XD(M) in's the standard length, black and has exactly 2500 rounds through it.

It has been really well maintained (cleaned thoroughly after each trip), but I did manage to mess up the rear sight a little bit when I got too aggressive with the spray-can cleaner (the paint bled a little out of the left side of the rear sight).

I have 3 mags for it, and would sell all of my 9mm ammo with it (I think 400 rounds).

What do you think would be a fair price for me to ask/hope for in a classified listing?

Moderators and members: Sorry if this post is inappropriately close to a classified ad, but as I'm just starting to think about this and feel it out, I'm not ready to make a real ad.

It was my first handgun, and I graduated to 1911s and now want to take the next step to a high-end 1911.

Thanks all.
You should go to and watch what some of the other guns like yours are going for. Not what is being asked, but what they are selling for. Might at least give you an idea of what perspective buyers will be expecting, and let you know if you think it is worth it or not.

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