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I am trying to find anyone that is looking to sell a Glock pistol in 40 caliber. Only interested in compact sizes and up, so no 27.

I am a huge fan of Glock pistols, they are great guns. BUT with that being said, I am only interested in guns that are being sold at a realistic price. I am not looking for a 3rd generation Glock .22 for $575. As soon as you bought it and left the gun shop, it lost value. Trying to sell a used 3rd gen for $75 less then what a new 4th gen would cost is not something I am interested in.

I am looking for a used gun because I would like to avoid the price of buying a new one. Round count does not matter, I will replace all springs when I buy it anyways. Might also be interested in a Light/laser combo if your looking at selling it as well. I have a 27 already, and am wanting to buy this gun to use as a home defense gun as well as target shooting. If you have holsters, mags, ammo, anything like that and your looking to get rid of a package then let me know. I will be looking to pick this up before March 3rd, so just get ahold of me and we can get some pictures exchanged. I appreciate the help.

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