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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by MichaelStrick9, Jan 17, 2011.

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    I'm relatively new to guns and accessories, having spent most of my disposable money on music gear most of my life. In the guitar realm, the value of something drops about 30% the second it's purchased. And falls to about 50% after a few years, even if it remains in good condition. I've noticed that in the firearm realm, prices of used gear are almost equal to new price. Heck, I see plenty of ads where the seller has a firm price that's MORE than what I can find it new for. And those are just the new prices I see locally. Why is this? Is it because of the background check, and many folks don't want to leave that paper trail? Is it because the gun is "broken in" already? I just fail to see the point in paying new price for something that probably has no warranty, questionable round count, questionable functional condition....

    I'm also wondering why I see so many ads where the seller will accept trades only. I mean, the odds of someone wanting exactly what you have and having what you want are considerably smaller than someone who has a pile of cash and wants what you want to get rid of, allowing you to purchase whatever is that you wanted in trade.
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    A large reason for same as new prices is for the package that you are getting. Most of the guns you find that are in the same price range come with things such as extra mags, holsters, and other stuff like that, which can be costly. Then on the other hand some people like to sit on their stuff and could care less if it sells right away. The lack of paper trail is a point of ftf sales also. Furthermore most of the guys that say "Trade only" are willing to accept some amount of money though it may be more than most are willing to pay because they are willing to hold out for the trade they want.

    Good luck finding a new firearm. But be advised that these are not cars or music equipment and a well kept firearm will fetch a fair price years after it purchase!
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    Some firearms are simply over priced and you're better off purchasing new. In other instances some of the factors you mentioned can lead to a firearm selling for a price similar to what you would pay for a new one. No paper trail, no background check, no tax (plays a role for those of us in Washington), or extras and upgrades included in the deal. Some older models are also more desireable than their new counterparts. They were manufactured in a time when a premium was put on quality, they were hand assembled, or constructed of higher quality materials. Most firearms, as long as they are properly cared for, will hold their value relatively well. If I'm purchasing a quality firearm I'm not too concerned if it's seen 2-300 rounds over the last 5 years, that's nothing, and it often means the gun is just starting to get broken in and funtion the way it should. Assuming it's been properly cared for, which most owners of quality pieces tend to do.
    As far as trades are concerned. It's true that your odds of finding exactly what your after from an individual who desires what you have to offer can take time, but it also insures that the piece leaving your collection will be replaced. It's too easy to sell a firearm with the intent to take the cash and purchase the one you want only to end up spending the funds on one of life's unexpected expenses. I know if I make a trade my better half says "that's neat, I hope your happy with it". On the other hand if I tell her I sold one of my guns and I'm going to try and find "X", she may say "well we could use that money for x, y, or z" and I'm now out a toy.
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    Supply and demand has an effect. After the last Presidential election the price of AK's doubled and is still high. AR's shot up 50% or more but are back down to pre election prices and in some cases lower.

    As the price of new model hand guns go up it well increase the value of the used counterpart. A used S&W model 10 cost 200-250 three years ago, now they bring as much as $400.
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    I think that if S&W got rid of the locks on their new guns, these old revolvers would go down in price again.
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    They are investments. Shop wisely. :)
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    Yada yada yada, used is used.Plus USED extras


    Sometimes NEW is a much better purchase

    FTF is worth something ,but not a new price for a USED gun,ANYTHING

    Always offer 20-30% less than new for a perfect gun.

    A Gun shop will offer considerably less than that for trade in.

    There are plenty of guys out of work that could use the help and have their guns priced accordingly
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    Just don't be an bubblegum and lowball people. Try to remember a few things. First, if you have to precede your offer with "I don't mean to lowball you, but...", then you're lowballing. Second, nothing is forcing you to make an offer. If you don't like the price, don't make an offer.

    But it's true some people probably ask too much for used guns. But the market will only bear what it will bear. Any product is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Ask Lorenzo11, he bumps his same guns once a week and has been for months. But if wants to sit on them, that's his choice.

    On occasion, for one reason or another, all of us have been guilty of overpricing our guns. Personally, I tend to do it if I don't want to sell the gun or if I really want a trade...

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