USA Today wouldn't like Gregoire over suppressors...'Oh, the Humanity!'

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    How would anti-gun editors treat Gregoire, WA lawmakers over suppressors?

    Weekend editorials in USA Today and the Hartford Courant clearly demonstrate both newspapers’ dislike of pro-Second Amendment issues, leaving one to question how these eastern journals might react to actions by the Washington Legislature and Gov. Christine Gregoire, who signed a law allowing the use of legally-owned firearm suppressors.

    How would anti-gun editors treat Gregoire, WA lawmakers over suppressors? - Seattle gun rights |
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    I wish that there was in fact an impartial news media out there, but too often they get their own agenda, and it slants the news. This goes for both sides of the equation. makes me want to stop reading the news all together lol
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    That is being shown more and more by both The Columbian and The Oregonian in their lack of coverage of the Gunrunner scandle! The Oregonian has had one story (that I saw) on it a month ago or so ago and then it was just coverage of the CBS story and The Columbian has not had even one. My letters to the editor about it have never been printed. I did post some of the links on The Columbian site but no way of knowing if it did any good.

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