USA = third world banana republic

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    According to the New York Slimes, for Panetta's visit to Afghanistan the brass ordered all soldiers to turn in their weapons:

    So basically we are no different from the Egyptians who shut down their air defense network on the eve of the Six Day War because they feared the plane carrying the general staff on a tour would be shot down by their own troops.

    I hope our troops appreciate the trust shown to them by their overlords.
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    Default Deja vu all over again!

    Damn! another FUBAR in Afganistan. A lot of guys on this forum were there the last time our
    leaders decided to try out their might on a third world country.
    The Army is good at killing people and breaking their stuff. Not social work and "nation building".
    It is time for some Viet Nam veterans to call BS on this waste of our nations resources.

    I had this posted on "Legal Politics" in regard to the NCO who wasted a bunch of civilians. This exact thing happened in
    Viet Nam
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    All multi cult empires die drowning in blood
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    Of course you guys are aware that there was what appeared at the time (to the boots on the ground) to be an attempt at killing the US Secretary of Defense Panetta right after his plane landed? It was later determined that it was not an American, and that it was not a "multi-level marketing style plot" (Amway killers:) ?, but an attack by a single disgruntled Afghan in a vehicle. US officials are wisely trying to downplay the incident. Probably don't want copycats.

    Anyhow, I've been involved in a tad bit of security here or there, not much, just enough to know that if someone is trying to lay you to waste, if you can maintain control you do. (that's a period there at the end, meaning: END OF THAT STORY!) That would involve, by necessity, as you already have a security group and a plan worked out, why not respond and take all weapons off the table and in the vicinity that are not part of that security plan till you figure out what is really happening. Look fellas, I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, but it's total @%xsljX (ie stuff you find in a bull ring) if you think a security detail should say "Oh, that was interesting, someone tried to kill Leon Panetta, but lets now continue as if nothing happened". They didn't, they may have considered putting the Sec back up in the air and rejected it for ear of a shoulder fired missile. Only they know that part. What they did was react by hunkering down and disarming everyone in the vicinity not involved in security. It was a good call and commendations should go out. The Secretary is still alive.

    Glad the guy missed. He sounds pretty messed up right now, having apparently been inside of a vehicle that caught fire somewhere in this effort as the security folks derailed it. Regardless, in this case, it was just how it played out due to insufficient info and a security detail winging it as best they could as real time events which they were unclear of in totality intruded on their plan. The Secretary survived and everything else is just bullbubblegum and internet lip flapping. Looking in the rear view mirror and having all the details, I'm sure that everyone involved believes that things could have played out differently. But they didn't. That Secretary Panetta was coming in to try and calm things down after a US soldier had killed 16 innocent civies was part of the thinking as well. An assassination attempt was tried and foiled, and the security guys- in the dark as to what was playing, asked that everyone put their weapons away so as to maintain control. So they did. If you are going to post the story, at least post the whole thing please.

    Warm regards to all

    ps, wondering if you could now change your title to "greatest nation on earth"? It's more factual than 3rd rate banana republic:)
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    Going to chime in here just once being prior military.
    In most cases there is no reason, or a necessity for the inner security area to be 100% armed. When you have multiple security perimeter rings, which would be in this case. it reduces the chances of friendly fire from or into the protecting perimeters. It also reduces the chance of a weapon being siezed and used by none authorized people. I doubt very much the S of D's security people even had much of a say into the militarys security plan.



    I only based my observation on the fact that this is the first time the Marines have ever been asked to disarm for a VIP that is supposedly on their own team.

    In any case, I already started a thread in off-topic on this item, so done with it here.[/QUOTE]

    BS! So when did you become a expert on Military SOP's???

    The way you run your mouth on here and run this country into the ground. Makes me think you are the kind of person that wipes their a$$ with the American flag.

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