US troops to return to Iraq despite Barack Obama’s withdrawal plan

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    US troops to return to Iraq despite Barack Obama’s withdrawal plan...

    The US military plans to send thousands of American soldiers back to the oil-rich north of Iraq to prevent a civil war between Arabs and Kurds.

    The emergency move, which partially reverses a recent drawing- down, is the first major sign that President Obama’s withdrawal plan may not work. He wants all US combat troops out of Iraq within 12 months.

    Kurdish and Arab leaders have agreed in principle to allowing US soldiers into unsettled areas around Mosul and Kirkuk, according to General Ray Odierno, the top US military commander in Iraq. The troops will form joint units with Iraqi counterparts to subdue what has become the most volatile part of the country.

    Many leaders in the region disagree about where the border should run between their territories and how oil revenues should be shared. “We have al-Qaeda exploiting this fissure that you’re seeing between the Arabs and the Kurds, and what we’re trying to do is close that fissure, that seam,” General Odierno said.

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