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US Not In Top 20 Free Nations

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by 3MTA3, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. 3MTA3

    3MTA3 DMZ between Liberty and Tyranny Behind Enemy Lines Bronze Supporter

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    In the last five years the US has dropped from being the 9th to the 21st place. Unfortunately this was the "Change" I expected and sadly I was correct.


    Americans' assessments of their personal freedom have significantly declined under President Obama, according to a new study from the Legatum Institute in London, and the United States now ranks below 20 other countries on this measure.

    The research shows that citizens of countries including France, Uruguay, and Costa Rica now feel that they enjoy more personal freedom than Americans.


    At least we are still ahead of a Chinese territory, Slovenia, and Trinidad and Tobago! Yay!!! *

    * That was sarcasm. Really.
  2. albin25

    albin25 Lewiston Idaho Well-Known Member

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    Problem with these stupid lists is they ask people how free they feel...and are therefore useless. Its like asking a caged fox and a wild fox "how free do you feel?". The one in the cage will say "very" if he" allowed to scratch an itch without permission.
    The one not in a cage will say he's "oppressed" if he is prevented from entering the occasional chicken coop.

    Yes, our freedoms are eroding (even more lately), but the difference is WE can see we may soon become like those on the list ahead of us...."feeling" free because they can scratch their asses without "excessive" red tape.
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  3. 2506

    2506 Seattle Well-Known Member

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    WASHINGTON -- Rand Paul, a leader of the libertarian wing of the Republican Party, helped kill a bill meant to rein in the National Security Agency.

    Nothing to see here, move along...
  4. erudne

    erudne The Pie Matrix PPL Say Sleeping W/Your Rifle Is A bad Thing? Bronze Supporter

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    we are in the Top 20 Un-free nations
  5. albin25

    albin25 Lewiston Idaho Well-Known Member

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    If you think we're Un-free...move to New Zealand (the "lists" #1 most free) and see how you like it...don't take your guns....
    I have Canadian relatives that used to live there...they describe it as "Berkley without the sense of humor".

    Source of this "study"............
    "The Legatum Institute is a charitable public policy think-tank whose mission is to ... Soros Economic Development Fund (SEDF)"
  6. Joe13

    Joe13 NW of Vancouver Opinionated & Blunt Bronze Supporter 2015 Volunteer 2016 Volunteer

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    This isn't the country my grandfathers grew up in anymore unfortunately...