US Murder Rates/Gun Control

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    I got this from my 92 year old, Arizona mother in law. :) Don’t know if it is true or not!

    Interesting if true:

    “The United States is ranked 3rd in murders throughout the World.

    But, if you take out Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC and New Orleans, the United States is ranked 4th from the bottom.

    These 4 Cities also have the toughest Gun Control Laws in the United States. Obviously, strong gun control does not prevent murder.”

    IF TRUE, This should be forwarded to your congress person.
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    Doesn't work out, might have worked at some point in the past. But, just looked up the numbers and the most recent complete data is available for 2010.

    Murders in:
    Chicago - 449
    Detroit - 308
    Washington DC - 131
    New Orleans - 175
    Total for 4 Cities - 1063

    US Murders - 14748 (#8 in World)

    US Murders with 4 cities removed - 13685 (#10 in World)

    Even by murder rate per 100,000 citizens
    2010 US Murders/100,000 = 4.8 (#103 in World)
    2010 US Murders/100,000 with 4 cities removed = 4.4 (#107 in World)

    But it is interesting that there ~100 countries with a worse murder rate than the US

    (I'm getting my data from here: List of countries by intentional homicide rate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    Another point to look at is Firearms to Murders

    (Can't import the graph so here is the link, graph I'm referring too is about half way down)
    Articles: Murder by Numbers

    Quote from the Article
    "Two of the most heavily armed countries, Finland and Switzerland, have murder rates of 2.2 and 0.7, among the lowest in the world. On the other hand, every country with a murder rate at least 5 times greater than the U.S.'s has at least 5 times fewer firearms per person than the U.S."

    There is no statistics that support that less guns = less murders

    Even the CDC states it this way:

    "The Task Force found insufficient evidence to determine the effectiveness of any of the firearms laws or combinations of laws reviewed on violent outcomes."

    Now my head hurts, I'm going to do some reloading
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    Here in yUK, after 57,000 people were prohibited from owning their around 200,000 handguns, the crime figures involving the use of illegal handguns snet the crime graphs soaring almost vertically.

    Most of the illegal handguns came from the Eastern European countries that had coincidentally just become members of the EU at around the time of the handgun ban, and were put into good used by the mainly black or asian gangs in London and Manchester.

    During the time when handguns WERE legal in ALL of four elements of the UK, less than 0.015% of gun crime crime involved their use. That figure actually amounted to less than 1 in 150,000 gun-related crimes.....

    In Northern Ireland, where handguns of all kinds may still be legally owned by law-abiding citizens, the number of crimes involving criminal use of these legally-held handguns since the mainland UK handgun ban in 1997 is, uh, zero.

    The Republic of Ireland, where there are no longer any new licenses for centre-fire handguns since 2009, and where handguns may only be .22 calibre with pinned mags or plugged chambers, has an illegal handgun problem of almost cataclysmic proportions, again due to the influx of eastern Europeans into the country. There are probably less than about 750 legal handgun owners in the entire country, but a spokesperson for An Garda Síochána noted that there were, at the very least, about five thousand illegal handguns....but he really had no idea........

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    Geez, Scott! You have far too much free time...
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    Though, people shouldn't just look at firearm crime. You need to look at overall crime rates. The US still isn't great, but it does change the picture a good deal.
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    My favorite is how they always try to use the "gun deaths" statistic to show how bad we are. Because it's only a bad murder if a gun did it. Morpheus is right, you have to look at the overall violent crime rates and total murders to get the big picture.
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    I for one, have no problem ranting that the heavy concentration of guns in America contributes abnormally high MURDER rate.
    Other violent crime, is, if anything, LOWER than that of most industrialized countries.

    So let's for starters just agree that the ONLY thing we're talking about is murder. Because our rape rate, our armed robbery rate, our felony assault rate, is all LOWER than much of the rest of the western world.

    So what's the plan? Reduce the number of guns that law abiding people can own? THEY atrn't the problem in the first place. and THERE ARE ALREADY some 300 million firearms in private hands. How exactly do you propose to do anything about those?

    This whole idea about reducing US murder rates through gun control is trying to close a barn door DECADES after the horse left.

    We have a problem with a very small segment of our population which produces about 70% of the murders in our country.

    If you concentrated efforts against rigourous enforcement of laws LONG on the books againt this one segment, you'd have an enormous effect on murder rates.

    This isn't anything revolutionary or new. It's well known to anyone familiar with criminal justice statistics.

    And yet NO ONE in the gun control crowd is calling for anything of the sort.

    So they don't ACTUALLY CARE about murder rates. what they CARE about is that it scares the bejesus out of them that random people all over can get guns.

    What they ACTUALLY care about is that they don't trust their fellow citizens.

    So they are statists, AND liars and think people like me are too scary to be allowed the right of self defense.

    That's the ugly truth. Because if they gave a rat's *** about murder rates, they'd be spending 100% of their efforts on keeping convicted violent criminals in jail FOREVER. Because that would reduce our murder rate by 40% overnight ALL BY ITSELF.
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    The NRA has been pushing prosecution for decades as well as making the crimes Federal offenses to make sure they get prosecuted. I believe cost has been the usual reason for rejecting the NRA's proposal.

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