Us Military trains Drone pilots for us inside USA

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    Unmanned drones to fly in Fort Drum airspace, over Lake Ontario, Adirondacks
    Published: Thursday, October 06, 2011, 7:10 AM Updated: Thursday, October 06, 2011, 10:22 AM

    Fort Drum — Unmanned Reaper drones, like those shadowing suspected al-Qaida terrorists in Afghanistan from 18,000 feet above ground, soon will be soaring across Northern New York’s skies.

    MQ-9 Reapers, the newest generation of remotely piloted reconnaissance and attack planes, will begin operating out of Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield at Fort Drum in Watertown, said Col. Chuck Dorsey, vice wing commander of the Air National Guard’s Syracuse-based 174th Fighter Wing on Wednesday.

    Within a week, the unit expects to receive certification from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly unmanned Reapers in restricted military air space around Fort Drum, parts of the Adirondack Park east of the base and over parts of Lake Ontario, Dorsey said. Most of the time, they will fly close to Fort Drum, he said.

    Pilots at Hancock Field near Syracuse will remotely control the Reapers and randomly pick out “targets” such as buildings and vehicles to observe during the training flights, Dorsey said.

    The air guard unit is based at Hancock Field, but it may take several years before the FAA gives the unit a green light to operate the Reaper in civilian air space around Hancock and the rest of Central New York, he said.

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    I guess those Hellfire missles make some at the FAA nervous
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    I have a friend, a fellow pilot, who is training to fly drones remotely. I complained about the hazards to airmen like myself, and he said "They only fly in restricted areas and MOA's. "Well, MOA's are legally open to GA pilots" I replied, and he said "Yes, at your own risk".
    Over the years I've gotten to where I consider MOA's to be part of MY airspace, since the gov't keeps claiming more and more and restricting more and more from my use I and others will continue to greedily use as much as we can. All I can say is I sure hope they have their filters off their radars because many of us do not have transponders. If people who have a legal right to use MOA's start getting killed there will be changes and you can bet that regular tax paying Americans who fly will suffer. You cannot avoid a Predator or Reaper that comes out of your 6! I don't even know if they have transponders on, so even a hand held TCAS wouldn't show it rushing up behind you!
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    If that wasn't scary enough, then put this plan together with the fact that there is a virus out there that logs the keystrokes of their operators.
    And the military can't seem to get rid of it.

    Virus infects U.S. military drones | TG Daily
    So the potential for someone to take unauthorized control of one in domestic airspace is waaay up there.
    And they can be controlled from ANYWHERE in the world.
    What are obama's people at the FAA thinking?!?
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    Then where should this US military training take place?

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