US losing naval superiority in Pacific

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    Sounds like a viable method to increase naval budgets in the near future. Then again with the current admin who knows how much has slipped away...
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    China has 1 57,000 ton carrier that's a rebuilt Russian junker.

    The USA has 10 CATOBAR carriers: Nimitz class: ten 101,000 ton nuclear-powered supercarriers 9 STOVL carriers 1) Tarawa class* a class of 40,000 ton. Wasp class* a class of eight 41,000 ton amphibious assault ships

    Yea we are almost screwed!
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    Step 2 in emperor's plan to degrade U S capability . . . CHECK!!!

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    I call this an attempt of the Navy trying to get more funding.

    Many of our carriers are in for repair, and it may be they are never re-fit.

    Frankly our newest carrier one of the X- class; should be our last. From now on, we need to build drone ships - more like a destroyer size - vertical launch (not VTOL) and recover normally. Some of the new Catamarans ( the Australian company, who is building them on the Gulf coast ) would be a good fit.
    The US Navy -- Fact File: Joint High Speed Vessel - JHSV - View Image

    One of our current carriers - the George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, etc - can show up off someones coast and in that 4.5 acres, we have more of an air force than most of the nations on earth.
    But 3000 Sailors and 2000 Airmen is a lot of our children in one place.
    The US Navy Aircraft Carriers

    Global projection of force - Use a rail gun for launch and a hypersonic war head (can be static, no explosive required at that speed) and
    good luck hiding your ships - especially one the size of an aircraft carrier.
    Army successfully launches Advanced Hypersonic Weapon demonstrator | Article | The United States Army

    Where the Navy needs to expand is in Space. The Air Force has lost its way. Back in the day - it was Fly and Fight. Now no flying and fighting only for tee times. The AF has become the FedEx of the military and the US ARMY would do that job.

    As for losing status as The Naval Power, until your nation can replenish at sea, don't come looking for a fight.

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