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    Oregon: CHL Confidentiality Bill Needs Your Immediate Help!

    Posted on February 16, 2012

    Yesterday, NRA-supported House Bill 4045 passed in the state House of Representatives by a 44 to 14 vote. HB 4045 has been forwarded to the Oregon Senate, but has not yet been assigned to a committee. Sponsored by state Representative Kim Thatcher (R-25), HB 4045 would provide for the confidentiality of Concealed Handgun License holdersÂ’ personal information.

    It is extremely important that NRA members contact Senate President Peter Courtney (D-11) as soon as possible and ask that he assign HB 4045 to a committee and order a hearing with no amendments attached so this bill can move to the Senate floor immediately. To reach state Senator Courtney, please call (503) 986-1600 or e-mail him at sen.petercourtney@state.or.us.

    Also, please call and e-mail your state Senator and respectfully urge him or her to encourage the Senate leadership to move HB 4045. To determine who your state Senator is, please click here. For the entire Senate roster, please click here.
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    I got this from Gun Owners of America today:

    The good news: a bill to protect the privacy of gun owners (HB 4045) passed the Oregon House yesterday overwhelmingly by a vote of 44-14.

    The bad news: Senate Judiciary Chairman Floyd Prozanski recently declared all gun bills dead on arrival in the Senate.

    The worse news: Two separate requests have been made recently for ALL concealed carry license (CHL) records from the State Police.

    And the worst news: The State Attorney General has instructed the State Police to disclose the records.

    HB 4045 protects the sensitive, private information of gun owners by prohibiting the government from disclosing the names of CHL holders.

    If there was any doubt as to why this legislation is needed, that doubt has been removed by the revelation that two newspapers have made requests for the identification of all license holders – including current licenses, as well as those revoked, denied or expired.

    We’ve seen this before, in other states. Newspapers print a listing of gun owners, which not only destroys privacy, but could also result in political harassment, theft, and even criminal attack by a thug looking to score a weapon from a gun owner who lost the element of surprise.
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    Buy face to face .. easy fix .. This bill is not right .. so now anyone will know what i own.. Time to stand UP
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    And if I can show reckless disregard (malice) on the part of the newspaper in publishing my personal information I'll own them.
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    After finding out just exactly what I own as far as firearms go, if the "bad guys" still wanna come mess with me..... they better bring some lunch and some body bags because it's gonna be a party at my place lol just saying. As far as the stuff without a paper trial.... that's where the fun begins... they won't know about my bear traps, land mines, rocket launchers, and nukes lol (just kidding FBI, CIA, DHS, DNI :))
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    i think for the most part the feds and anybody else that might be watching. they have no clue as to what is in our closets. i like it that way. none of their damned business.
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    Maybe we should contact the state Attorneys office and let them know our displeasure.

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