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Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Trick, May 9, 2013.

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    Here is a recent reply I received earlier today from my local state representative Brad Witt (D-31).

    Dear Todd,

    Rest assured that I have every intention of opposing these bills. I will not allow
    otherwise law abiding Oregonians to be prosecuted as criminals, nor will I stand idly by
    and allow their otherwise legal firearms to be confiscated in violation of the Second
    Amendment to the United States Constitution.


    Brad Witt
    State Representative
    District 31

    Here is the original note I sent to him back on the 2nd.

    Representative Witt,

    I am aware of your love of the outdoors and I believe you understand the importance of
    all of Oregonians that love our state and our rights. There is legislation in the state
    that continues to erode those rights that I have grown up with in our State and I these
    rights continue to get stomped on by a select few in our major metropolis's.

    I urge you to OPPOSE anti-gun bills SB-347, SB-700, and SB-796. These are not common
    sense steps bills that will do anything to curb gun-violence and continue to erode the
    rights of law-abiding Oregonians and US Citizens.

    I already know Betsy Johnson's stance on these and I hope you'll stand with her in
    ensuring that these die a quick death.


    Todd XXXXXX
    St Helens, OR

    Love to see our local Dems stand up for 2A
  2. Capn Jack

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    You're lucky,

    So far all I've gotten is the same old ""Save the children...Ban the Guns" Clap trap
    from most of our Washington reps.

    And to think, at one time I voted for some of these "TRAITORS" (I'm trying to be nice here). Never again!! When 46 Democrat senators violate their oath of office (To support the U.S. Constitution) with that last U.N. vote. I'll never vote Democrat again.:deadhorse:

  3. Modeler

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    The honest truth is that there are a number of moderate Democrats in the House that will vote against these bills should they somehow pass the Senate. They're not loud and vocal about it, but they're there. Brad Witt being one of them.
  4. drew

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    The only people I've seen being loud are the gun control extremists in the Senate.

    Edit: Democrats in the House that oppose these bills won't be as loud. They probably know both sides are taking names. I sure am.
  5. Modeler

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    Yep. There are quite a few who would prefer to focus on actual problems like jobs, education and budget. We have silent friends in Salem, of that I'm sure :thumbup:

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