WTS/WTT WA Upgraded AK47 (option for 2500+ rds)

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    I'm looking to possibly part ways with my I.O. Inc Stamped Receiver AK47 AKM. I purchased this rifle new and have taken great care. This rifle has had only 1 owner (myself). I've shot ~500 rounds through the rifle. I've never shot corrosive ammo through this gun.

    Upgrades include:

    Magpul Collapsible/Sidefolding stock
    Magpul AFG
    Ultimak Gas Tube Rail
    TRS-25 Red dot
    Tapco AK74 style break
    Recoil Dampener

    With this setup, the red dot sight co-witnesses with the iron sights.

    Package also includes , 2 steel mags and 2 polymer mags.

    If you would like the ~2500 rds non-corrosive 7.62x39 ammo, add another $700. About 2000 rounds are Silver Bear.

    Interested in:

    1) 16'' or 18'' or 20'' AR15
    2) AR15 chambered in 300 AAC BLK
    3) AR10
    5) M1A
    6) Rem 700 or other .308 bolt

    I may be interested in what you have to offer. Let me know what you'd like to trade and the worst I can say is no.
    For trades, i will add/request cash to compensate for fair trades. Definitely willing to negotiate.

    Trade value = $950
    Trade value with ammo = $1650

    AK471.jpg AK472.jpg IMG_7076.JPG

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