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Faced with a Collapse of America’s Health System, Schumer Pushes ... More Gun Control
Urgent alert: Gun vote could come as soon as Monday in the House

With 80,000,000 Americans poised to lose their employer-provided insurance plans, what would you think the Senate's number three Democrat, Chuck Schumer, is now poised to cram down Republicans' quivering throats?

ANSWER: More gun control.

Senator Schumer already tried to sneak a gun control bill through the Senate on November 21 -- right before Thanksgiving -- and according to one congressman, the House could use a parliamentary procedure to pass it as early as today (Monday).

But let’s take a step back to explain.

Earlier this year, Schumer threatened that, if he did not get his way -- destroying the "gun manufacturers' lobby" in the process -- your children would be killed. We actually received anonymous faxes and e-mails from Schumer's allies, telling us that our children should have been killed at Newtown.

Now Schumer is threatening that, if he cannot pass gun control, your plane will be hijacked. Schumer's new threat is similarly odious and baseless.

At issue is the reauthorization of the 1988 Plastic Gun Ban.

Crammed through in 1988 by a newly Democratic Senate looking for guns to ban, it was passed at a time when there was no actual problem.

Having said that, the poorly drafted law has always been an anti-gun time bomb, waiting to explode in the hands of an anti-gun president -- which we now have.

If, after removing grips, stocks, and magazines, any gun is not as "detectable" by a metal detector as is a "Security Exemplar," the gun is banned -- permanently.

Within certain broad parameters concerning metallic standards, anti-gun Attorney General Eric Holder gets to determine the exact shape and characteristics of the Exemplar, what metal detector is used, and how many times (or how many thousands of times) the gun has to pass.

Also, if any major component of the gun -- which the statute tries to define, but may ultimately be defined by Holder -- doesn't produce an accurate x-ray image (again, defined by Holder), the gun is banned.

All of this would be just a theoretical problem if we didn't have a president and an Attorney General who were willing to go to any length -- including actually violating the law -- in order to destroy the Second Amendment.

So where are we now? And why should Congress think long and hard about giving into the demands of a ruthless partisan who is denying votes on the things Americans desperately care about?

FIRST, Schumer and his allies have engaged in a concerted effort to use a plastic gun ban reauthorization to ban much of America's firearms manufacturing. Drafts which they have pushed all year would ban a printer, mold, or program which could conceivably be used to make a plastic gun. The problem is that any such printer, mold, or program would also ban technology and molds used by many firearms manufacturers to make widely used metal guns. As with gun control proposals earlier this year, Schumer is trying to use hysterics to pass proposals inimical to the Second Amendment. He should not be allowed to do so.

What this means is that the Undetectable Firearms Act, which was passed in 1988 in response to no particular threat -- and has been useless during its 25 years of existence -- is now being used as a platform for calling for more gun control.

SECOND, it is simply not true that, failing reauthorization, killers could "carry plastic guns into schools, courthouses, and airplanes." All of these are illegal [18 U.S.C. 922(q) and 930], and will remain illegal. Further, reauthorization is not going to make it practically more difficult to get a plastic gun, as the program is already out there, and the genie is effectively out of the bottle. Why would an Adam Lanza, going into a public venue to engage in mass shootings, decide that a plastic gun ban was the one law he had to obey?

THIRD, Republicans need to begin punishing Reid and Schumer for last month’s "nuclear option" -- which effectively destroyed the Senate as an institution. Republicans have talked about retaliation, so would they give in to the first anti-gun demand Schumer makes?

FOURTH, Schumer attempted to slam through his gun manufacturing ban without a vote (i.e., by unanimous consent) and without notifying Republicans of his intentions through a telephone notification procedure called "hot-lining." As of the end of November -- more than a week after Schumer tried to pass the gun ban -- we still didn't have the language of the bill Schumer tried to pass the previous week by unanimous consent. Have we learned nothing from ObamaCare? If slime and corruption are rewarded, there will be even more of it.

FIFTH, Schumer wants to ban guns. Okay, we all understand that. But the GOP also has a "wish list" which has been stifled -- and denied a vote -- by the dictatorial tactics of Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer. For instance, Senate Republicans have pushed to restore the constitutional rights of more than 150,000 veterans who were stripped of all due process and had their guns taken away. Republicans want to postpone or repeal the individual mandate on the anti-gun ObamaCare program, which everyone now realizes was passed on the basis of a pile of lies, and which now threatens to strip 80,000,000 Americans of their employer-provided policies. Republicans want the gun reciprocity bill, supported by a bipartisan majority of the Senate, despite Harry Reid's efforts to bury it. Are any of these less important than Schumer's slobbering demands for more gun control? If not, why should Schumer's bill move without one or more of these amendments added to it?

SIXTH, with only about seven legislative days left in the first session, it's a little late to be diving into the thorny subject of regulating printers and the Internet.

So please, let’s not let congressional Republicans give Schumer the satisfaction of passing gun control -- and "bashing the gun lobby." Ultimately, victory feeds on itself. And defeat feeds on itself. And, if Republicans gratuitously give the anti-gun Far Left a victory without firing a shot, they will have only succeeded in bringing to life a gun control movement which has, as a chief objective, the destruction of the Republican Party.

ACTION: Click here to email Send a Message
your Representative and Senators, and demand that they oppose Chuck Schumer's gun ban. And if you can call House offices today, all the better -- given that the House leadership is considering bringing up the renewal of the plastic gun ban very soon. You can call your Representative at 202-225-3121.
I got the message from GOA much earlier today, got the messages sent and GOA thanks just after 1:30 pm.

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Reply from DeFazio

Dear Mr. Dunerunner:

Thanks for sharing your concerns about additional gun control restrictions. I appreciate hearing from you.

As a fellow gun owner, I have a strong record of supporting the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens to own firearms for sport and personal safety. I also have a strong record of working to keep guns out of the hands of prohibited individuals and will continue to do so.

As you know, the Senate recently took up a number of gun provisions including legislation to clamp down on straw purchases, improve background checks, and a ban on high capacity magazines and so-called assault weapons. All of those measures were defeated.

Speaker Boehner has said the House will only consider gun violence legislation that is passed by the Democratic controlled Senate first. So, it is unlikely that the House will consider any gun violence legislation this year.

Again, thanks for your message, I hope you will continue to let me know your views on issues before the Congress. You can be sure that I will continue to fight to protect the rights of law abiding gun owners.


Rep. Peter DeFazio
Fourth District, OREGON
URGENT ACTION: The House did not take up the plastic gun ban yesterday. So please continue contacting your legislators --especially your Representative --with today’s new message. The House will most certainly vote today. If you can, please call your Rep. at 202-225-3121.

Gun ban would be mischief for an anti-gun administration.

Sometimes it takes decades for a poorly-drafted anti-gun law to rise up and bite you. The 1968 gun ban for "mental defectives" sat around for 25 years before an anti-gun Clinton administration decided to use it to disarm more than 150,000 law-abiding veterans who had never been before a court.

The "plastic gun ban" is another massive time bomb sitting in federal law. And it will be reauthorized (for as much as a decade) in the next two weeks -- if we don't stop it.

Unless it existed before December 10, 1988, the plastic gun ban absolutely bans any gun that is not as detectable in a "walk-through metal detector" as a Security Exemplar [18 U.S.C. 922(p)(1) (A) and (6)].

The “Security Exemplar” is a piece of metal that the ATF uses to calibrate how much steel a manufacturer needs to put in the gun to make it beep in the metal detector. Other than the fact that it has to contain 3.7 ounces of steel and look sort of like a gun, anti-gun Attorney General Eric Holder can determine, by regulatory fiat, the characteristics of the Exemplar.

He can determine whether you test guns with a "top flight" metal detector -- or a crummy one. He can determine how many times (or thousands of times) a gun has to pass in order not to be banned.

In addition, every "major component" of every firearm has to pass through an airport x-ray in such a way that its shape is "accurately" depicted [18 U.S.C. 922(p)(1)(B)].

The statute contains a list of parts of guns which are definitely "major components." But is that list exclusive? If we didn't have a President and an Attorney General who have violated and perverted the law again and again and again, we might be able to conclude that it was exclusive. But the language is not so definitive as to protect us against an administration intent on destroying us.

So what if Holder determines that a wooden stock is a “major component”?

According to an expert we consulted, a wooden stock would produce an x-ray image which is "fuzzier" (less "accurate") than a metal gun would produce. Interestingly, a wholly plastic gun would also produce an x-ray image, according to this expert, although it would be "fuzzier" (less "accurate") than that of a metal gun.

So, for those Republicans who are talking about locking us into an extension of this statute that could ban lots of guns ... tell them, “please don't.”

A couple of more points:

* It is simply not true that, if this statute is allowed to lapse, "killers can freely go into airports, courthouses, and schools to commit mass murder and mayhem."

X-ray machines will pick up the images of plastic guns. And, unfortunately for the safety of the inhabitants, guns in airports, courthouses, and schools will remain illegal under 18 U.S.C. 922(q) and 930.

* And it is foolish to assume that the Jared Loughners and Adam Lanzas of the world -- intent on committing mass murder -- would somehow be deterred by a plastic gun ban. That genie is already out of the bottle.

* Finally, it appears that New York Senator Chuck Schumer would like to take the potentially significant gun ban and expand it even further.

Thursday, November 21, Schumer tried to pass an expansion though the U.S. Senate by unanimous consent without even usual a standard Senate procedure for notifying other senators, called hot-lining. Almost two weeks AFTER HE TRIED TO PASS IT, the text of the Schumer bill was still not available.

But we do know that Schumer has been working all year to expand the plastic gun ban to shut down every gun manufacturer in America who makes guns using a mold. We also know that Schumer has been trying to extend it even more explicitly to gun parts and magazines --although it's hard to see what danger a plastic magazine would pose.
Laws are not the issue its all the background regulation the feds continue to do to push thier agenda without congress. Who is pushing back on that?
From: Dudley Brown [mailto:[email protected]]

I've got bad news.

House Republicans not only failed to stand up to anti-gun Senator Chuck Schumer and President Obama's anti-gun agenda. . .

They folded like a house of cards.

In order to prevent pro-gun members from being able to voice their objections, House Republican leadership deliberately moved-up today's scheduled vote.

Because of this last-minute scheme, the anti-gun bill passed this morning in a virtual empty room.

In fact, lawmakers introduced and passed H.R. 3626, a ten year extension of the so-called "undetectable" gun ban, all in 24 hours.

Unfortunately, now this gun ban extension has been put on the fast-track to becoming law.

Worse, moments after the House gavel dropped, Senator Chuck Schumer announced his intentions to tack on his expanded anti-gun provisions to the final bill in the U.S. Senate.

This bill plays straight into President Obama and anti-gun Attorney General Eric Holder's hands.

But the good news is that you can still help stop it.

Please take a moment to contact your U.S. Senators and urge them to oppose H.R. 3626, the so-called "undetectable" gun ban at once.
*** Sen. Jeff Merkley can be reached at (202) 224-3753.

*** Sen. Ron Wyden can be reached at (202) 224-5244.

When you speak to them, let them know that a vote to reauthorize the so-called "undetectable" gun ban is a vote for more gun control and less freedom.
Even if the Senate passes something - the house won't let it through. They won't risk their re-elections next year passing any sort of gun control bills.
Even if the Senate passes something - the house won't let it through. They won't risk their re-elections next year passing any sort of gun control bills.

Read the article :-/

House Republicans not only failed to stand up to anti-gun Senator Chuck Schumer and President Obama’s anti-gun agenda. . .

They folded like a house of cards.

In order to prevent pro-gun members from being able to voice their objections, House Republican leadership deliberately moved-up today's scheduled vote.

Because of this last-minute scheme, the anti-gun bill passed this morning in a virtual empty room.

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