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Most knives are in new or like new condition unless noted. Trade Values listed are from prices i quickly grabbed off the inner web. I know for a fact they are hi.....don't get your feelings hurt, throw a tantrum, say you'll take it, then vanish. Its just as easy to send me a Private Message with an offer. If its not ridiculous ill probably accept. If it is, you'll get a thank you and a polite no. The FNGs on here lately are driving me to drink....anyway, heres the list:

1 - Hubertus lever lock springer tv 325. Used and blade does not center but is common for this knife.

2. - Spyderco Manix 2 XL tv 150. Used but not abused.

3. -Brous blades Stryker tv180. Like new. No box.

4. - crkt wind river tv50. Like new

5. - Komoran tactical steel tv80. Like new

6 - Pipe Wrwnch Knife by Jake Fowler 17.25 inch tango blade tv 400. Like new no sheath

7 - Spyderco Resilience tv50. Used not abused

8 - Newt Livesay woo neck knife tv 150 old knife wishnit could talk. From the SOF convention

9. - File knife tv125. New custom

10 - Kershaw 1750 LAHAR tv 135

11. - Buck 110 is gone

12. Kershaw Saphire 1450 given to Terry

17. CRKT m16 tv50 new in box

18. CRKT tv

19. Mora tv15. New 2 sheaths no box

20. Leatherman Free K4 tv 85

21. Harley Davidson tv 60

22. Circle wrench knife tv 125

23. Zac Brown Bad Monkey Drop Point Satin $250/$200

24.Cold Steele Vaquero tv 40

20200802_182237.jpg 20200802_182237.jpg 20200802_182228.jpg 20200802_182209.jpg 20200802_182201.jpg 20200802_162149.jpg 20200802_162139.jpg 20200802_162039.jpg 20200802_162029.jpg 20200731_225327.jpg 20200731_225322.jpg 20200731_194108.jpg 20200731_194051.jpg 20200731_194042.jpg 20200731_194006.jpg 20200731_193946.jpg 20200731_193921.jpg 20200731_193903.jpg 20200731_193842.jpg 20200731_193823.jpg 20200731_193804.jpg 20200729_115413.jpg 20200601_173802.jpg 20200601_173800.jpg 20200601_172740.jpg 20200601_172735.jpg 20200601_172705.jpg 20200531_154735.jpg 20200531_154727.jpg 20200531_154618.jpg 20200531_154611.jpg 20200529_131953.jpg 20200529_131935.jpg 20200526_165230.jpg 20200526_165226.jpg 20200521_115226.jpg 20200521_115218.jpg 20200521_115118.jpg 20200520_111531.jpg 20200520_111524.jpg 20200521_115151.jpg 20200519_114538.jpg 20200519_114532.jpg 20200519_114525.jpg 20200519_114516.jpg 20200519_114511.jpg 20200516_221321.jpg 20200516_221305.jpg 20200516_221241.jpg 20200516_221231.jpg 20200511_192708.jpg 20200511_192704.jpg 20200511_192658.jpg 20200511_192650.jpg 20200511_192645.jpg 20200427_121340.jpg 20200427_121300.jpg 20200427_121252.jpg 20200427_121227.jpg 20200427_121218.jpg 20200427_121023.jpg 20200427_121016.jpg 20200423_093305.jpg 20200423_065101.jpg 20200419_181657.jpg 20200419_181649.jpg 20200419_181639.jpg 20200419_180826.jpg 20200419_180820.jpg 20200419_180813.jpg 20200419_180802.jpg 20200419_180743.jpg 20200419_180756.jpg 20200419_180720.jpg 20200419_180734.jpg
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