Upcoming Training Yeager and Costa Classes

Discussion in 'Education & Training' started by SmawGunner, Nov 29, 2013.

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  1. SmawGunner

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    I saw these upcoming training classes from Yeager and Costa.
    I am considering taking them.
    Has anybody taken any of these classes?
    What did you think?

    Tactical Response with James Yeager.
    Fighting Pistol Mobile. Las Vegas. Jan 18/19.
    Tactical Response
    Fighting Rifle Mobile. Las Vegas. Jan 20/21
    Tactical Response

    Costa Ludus with Chris Costa
    Handgun Elements Theory 1. Nampa ID. May 23/24/25
    Handgun Elements Theory 1 (HET1)
    Carbine Elements Theory 1. Nampa ID. May 27/28/29
    Carbine Elements Theory 1 (CET1)
  2. RBid

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    I've heard multiple times that Yeager's class is a lot of material for the block of time. That is always explained in a positive context. I think I would go there first for a beginning or intermediate starting point. Costa is more known for weapon manipulations, and I think better for advanced shooters.
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