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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by teflon97239, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Let's post them here!


    My home is on a steep hill in Portland and my family has chased multiple water leaks in the concrete foundation for decades. We've tried literally DOZENS of concrete patches, epoxy products, etc.

    I did some major drainage, driveway and patio rebuilding last year, but there remained an annoying little stream across the floor of a basement utility room after heavy rains. Not the end of the world because I needed to do the work for other reasons, but still aggravating given the extent of the repairs.

    The solution? Made for TV Flexi-Seal.

    I'm only sorry they didn't introduce the clear stuff sooner because now I have a black stripe on the wall to paint over in the "bomb shelter."

    Good stuff! Stanky as hell when you spray it but the smell goes away in a day, and I'm leak free now!
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    I always wanted a screen door boat.

    I had a weird leak down in my basement not long ago. I thought it was like five things before I discovered it was an (thankfully) exposed sink drain pipe from up above in the kitchen.
    I used some of that "plumbers epoxy".. made a snake/ring and worked it around the cast iron joint.. worked like a charm.

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