Unsafe Safe?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by ZigZagZeke, Jan 3, 2013.

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    Here is my philosophy on safes. If a criminal is skilled enough to get into a safe, he will get into any safe. If they aren't, any decent quality safe will keep them out.
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    Major problem with any safe is if the criminal(s) can move it to a safe working area they WILL get it open.
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    This article seems to be a critique of Stack-On...which is probably an easy target.
  5. Morpheus

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    I always look at 3 things for a safe.
    1. Do I want it to protect against fire?
    2. Do I want it to too keep kids out?
    3. Do I want it to keep thieves out?

    Some can do fire, some can do kids, and some can do thieves. Some can do two of three, some can do all three.

    Personally I want something over 1000 lbs, that can be bolted into the ground that uses less than 2 welds and 11 gauge steel or better. And I like manual locks, not electronic.

    If you are keeping 3 or 4 guns in a safe, and the safe costs $3000 then you are just about breaking even if it is stolen. If it is 10+ guns, then don't you want to protect them from all three?

    Just think about it.
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    Safes are a woman. If you want a hit chick with big lungs, nice hair, great caboos, and pretty teeth, get a browning.
    If you want a meth head looking chick, go to Costco for your safe.
    Buy browning...
    Trust me, I built them in college.
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    Check out "sturdy safes". About the best value out there. No pretty paint job, but solid 7 guage steel with a 5/8 solid steel door. Check out the you tube video called security on sale. It takes just a couple of minutes with a sledge hammer or a crow bar to bust open one of the cheap Chinese "safes".
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    Go to Rogue Safe in Medford. I do believe they deliver throughout the state, and perhaps Washington, as well. They will build to your requirements. Bring a bunch of money. Sleep soundly. Are you REALLY going to put your collection in a bubblegum quality safe?
  9. ch139

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    You really get what you pay for when it comes to "safes." Most of em (the Residential Security Container - RSC) are built overseas, are of poor construction and rather thin steel (thinking 10ga, 12ga or even 14ga steel here). IIRC Liberty and Ft. Knox are made in the US, but you have to go to their top-of-the-line to get a decent RSC and that's a lot of money... and still an RSC! Safes like the Cannons and Browning line do not compare. Sturdy Safe was already mentioned and they are a great RSC (don't know if they even get that rating as don't recall if they are tested). Think about what you're trying to protect against and how safes are attacked; kinda scary. RSCs are only going to keep out the most ignorant and ill prepared thieves (which, lucky for us, most of em are). For a "real safe" you're looking to a TL, RL or TLRL rated safe; not an RSC. Lots of money and extremely heavy, but usually not much more money than the top-of-the-line Ft. Knox or Liberty and a much better "real safe." At the other end of the spectrum, the little Stack-On (and the like) tin cans are a waste of money. If this is where you're at do to budget constraints or whatnot, look into a construction-site style metal lock box, such as the JOBOX, KNAACK Box and the like. They're superior security than something like Stack-On, but kinda a PITA as firearms are "laid down" inside and it always seems what you're after is at the bottom of the pile. There are a lot of youtube videos out there on safes and safe attacks, easy to search for, but do check out Terry's videos from Strudy Safe sturdysafe1.

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